On Market Statuses.     Off Market Statuses.

On Market Statuses.


New (NEW)

A property is marked as NEW the first 3 days on MLS. After 3 days the listing status changes to ACTIVE. Generally properties listed as NEW will be available.

Active (ACT)

A property marked as ACTIVE will be available for purchase or for rent on MLS. (Note: in times of peak traffic properties can move faster than listing agents can update their listings, so it's always best to have your agent call the listing agent to make sure a property is still available before setting an appointment.)

Price Change (PCG)

When a listing agent changes the price of a listing (either higher or lower) it will be listed as a PRICE CHANGE for 3 days. After 3 days it will revert to ACTIVE status. These listings are generally still available.

Back on Market (BOM)

When a listing goes UNDER AGREEMENT and the deal falls apart it will first be listed as BACK ON MARKET for 3 days. After 3 days it will revert to ACTIVE status. You should not assume that because a property is BACK ON MARKET that there is something wrong with that property. A deal could fall apart for many reasons such as a buyer unable to secure financing, buyer/renter remorse, home inspection, disagreement on terms, etc.

Extended (EXT)

When an agent lists a property they have a written agreement for a certain period of time to list that property. When a listing shows up as EXTENDED it just means the listing agent renewed their listing agreement before it expired. These listings are generally still available.

Reactivated (RAC)

Similar to EXTENDED status, REACTIVATED is when an agent's listing agreement has EXPIRED. Once expired, they have 10 days to reactive the listing or it will remain expired. These listings are generally still available.

Contingent (CTG)

Although it's considered an on market status, most times listing agents are no longer showing CONTINGENT properties, and if they are they are showing for backup only. A CONTINGENT property generally has an accepted offer on it, however they cannot list it as UNDER AGREEMENT yet because it's contingent upon a home inspection, attorney review, appraisal, financing, third-party approval (short sales/foreclosures), or purchase & sale (P&S). Once the contingency is satisfied, the listing will be put into UNDER AGREEMENT status. You will definitely want to have your agent check availability for you on these properties.

Off Market Statuses.


Under Agreement (UAG)

An UNDER AGRREMENT property would mean that both parties have signed a purchase & sale agreement (or a lease). Very rarely does an under agreement listing come back on the market. These listings are generally no longer available for showings, but have not yet fully closed.

Sold (SLD)

A SOLD property means that ownership has transferred, the deal is completed, and the property is no longer on the market.

Rented (RNT)

A RENTED property means that a lease agreement has been signed, and the property is no longer on the market.

Withdrawn (WDN)

A WITHDRAWN listing is a listing that has temporarily been taken off the market, but not removed completely. A withdrawn property may or may not be available, so it's best to check with your agent regarding availability.

Expired (EXP)

When a listing agent's listing agreement has run out the property is listed as EXPIRED. If the listing agent signs a new contract within 10 days it will come back on the market as REACTIVATED and will be available. However, if the property is not reactivated it will remain expired in MLS. If, after 10 days, the property comes back on the market (either with the same agent as before OR with a new agent) it will be listed as NEW to start.

Cancelled (CAN)

When an owner and an agent have a mutual agreement to terminate a listing contract it can be CANCELLED. Cancelled listings are no longer on the market.


Note: This information is only meant to be a guide. If you are unsure as to the status of a particular property that is for sale or for rent please contact one of our experienced sales or rental agents.