Congratulations on your new apartment! There are a few things you will need to do in order to get ready to move into your new place. We’ve put together this handy checklist to help you along the way.

One week prior to moving.

   Set up your utility accounts (Gas and/or Electricity)

Visit our resources page for direct links to the local utility providers.

   Set up your additional services (TV, Internet, Phone)

Visit our resources page for direct links to local service providers.

   Set up a change of address with the post office

Visit here to change your mailing address.

   Secure movers, moving truck and/or parking permits

You have the ability to reserve the meter(s) or resident parking space(s) in front of your building through the city for a small fee. Visit our parking page for information on street occupancy permits.

   If you are moving into a high rise or elevator building check with your agent or landlord to see if you need to make a reservation for use of the elevator.

On move in day.

   Make sure you receive a copy of your lease signed by the landlord This will have all the necessary about your apartment such as who to call for maintenance, where/who to send your rent to, etc. Make note of this information:
  • What is the landlord's name (or management company's name)?
  • Who do I make my checks out to?
  • Where do I mail/submit my rent check?
  • Who do I contact for maintenance?
   If you paid a security deposit, make sure you receive an apartment condition statement and the bank account information of where your deposit is being held

Visit for downloadable sample forms pertaining to your security deposit.

   If you have locked mailboxes, make sure you receive a copy of your mail key
   Label your mailbox with your name / set up buzzer & intercom

It can be as simple as a taped on piece of paper, but the post office will not deliver mail unless they can match it to a name on the mailbox. If your building has uniform mail labels and/or an intercom system that requires your name to be programmed in you should contact your maintenance person to have it changed.

Shortly after move in.

   If you paid a security deposit, make sure you return your completed apartment condition statement to the landlord or manager within 15 days

The apartment condition statement is the only proof of the condition of the apartment at the time you moved in. It’s important to note any defects on this form so that you are not charged for them when you move out. Examples would be scratches on floors, scuffs/dings on walls, chipped glass/mirrors, missing window screens, minor wear & tear items, etc. You can also support your condition statement with photographs as well.

   Find out how & where to dispose of your trash

After move in you will probably have a lot of boxes and packing materials. Check with maintenance to find out where and how to dispose of your trash. Make sure boxes are neatly flattened and stacked. For information on the city’s trash and recycling policies for your neighborhood visit and click on “My Neighborhood”.

Good luck on your move!