Valerie Filiberto

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Boloco, Back Bay


Originally from Cumberland, ME, I went to to the University of Maine-Farmington where I majored in secondary special education. While at UMF, I was a captain and four year starter on the baseball team. Away from the office, my hobbies include rooting for the professional sports teams of New England or playing on a variety of intramural teams in my neighborhood of South Boston. Prior to real estate, I was a special education teacher for three years - two in Maine, one in Massachusetts - where I worked with children who demonstrated traumatic and emotional behaviors.

I decided to pursue a career in real estate because I enjoy interacting with, and meeting a variety of people. The most interesting perks of the field to me, is meeting people who come from all areas of the world, have a large variety of interests, and trust me to assist them in the moving process. I strive to establish a relationship with every client to form trust amongst one another, to best find what he/she is looking for in their next home.



"Brandon was very helpful and accommodating given that we were in town for a weekend and needed to find an apartment quickly. Once we left Boston, he even FaceTimed us, so we could see an additional apartment!"

- jmdanc3r78 (Source)

"Renting an apartment is a crucial decision, because it is associated with a cost of around 30,000$ in my case. For me, the condition of the apartment is as important as trusting the real estate agent.

Brandon was very honest and friendly, gave me the time to inspect the apartment, and immediately responded to questions I had - even in the late evening. Brandon was one of the main reasons why I decided to rent the apartment."

- Florian G. (Source)

"I had a great experience working with Brandon.

I have worked with many other realtors before and routinely felt like they did not understand my preferences or did not take my interests into account (eg. trying to convince me to rent an apartment that I clearly stated didn't fit what I was looking for). I've also felt pressured to make premature decisions, and also have been treated unprofessionally when I chose not to pursue a rental that a realtor had taken time to show me but ended up not fitting my preferences.

I never once felt this way with Brandon. He never made us feel pressured about choosing to rent a unit. He was nice, responsive, and knowledgeable. It made for an easy, quick, and stress-free rental process which I'm so grateful Brandon was able to provide. He even willingly offered to go back to the unit after we had rented in order to take measurements, which we were extremely appreciative of. We highly recommend him."

- Jordan G. (Source)

"Brandon was very helpful and responsive in my apartment search! He was well organized and versed on different neighborhoods, and was very easy to communicate with and get honest answers from when asking questions about properties."

- Christine O. (Source)